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Table Rentals

When planning an event, tables are always a necessity. No matter the style or size, we have something for you! From standard rental tables to farm tables, we have what you need!

Table Options

4'x30" Kids Table                                                            

5'x5' Square Table (Seats 8)                                      

6'x6' Square Table (Seats 12)   


6'x18" Classroom Table     

8'x18' Classroom Table  


6’x40” Plymouth Farm Table  

8’x40” Plymouth Farm Table                                     


6'x30" Table (Seats 6-8)

8'x30" Table (Seats 8-10)

8'x36" Table (Seats 8-10)                          


3'IDx8'OD Serpentine                                

4'IDx9'OD Serpentine                                                    

30" Round (Seats 2)                                                    36" Round (Seats 4)                                                     48" Round (Seats 6)                                            

60" Round (Seats 8)                                                   

66" Round (Seats 8-10)                                              72" Round (Seats 10-12)                                               

30" Round Cocktail Table

30" Square Cocktail Table

36" Round Cocktail Table  


60" Umbrella Tables (Seats 8)

Erica Steve Kay Bee-x Wedding Part II-00

Table Styles


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