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Tent Rentals

Looking for a small, whimsical tent for a private dinner party, a large, majestic tent to house 1,000 guests or anything in between! We carry tents in a variety of styles and sizes for all occasions.

Clearspan Twin Tube Frame Tent

Twin Tube Frame Tent 01.jpg

The Clearspan offers you the most versatility for an event space offering a free, unobstructed room view with no center poles or support columns inside the tent.

Standard Pole Tent

Standard Pole Tent 02.jpg

The standard pole tent is festive and functional! They also offer the maximum capacity for coverage at the most reasonable price offered.

Twin Pole Tension Tent

Twin Pole Tension Tent 08.JPG

The twin pole tension tent is perfect for large weddings, concerts, and other high-end events.

High Peak Pole Tent

High Peak Pole Tent 40 wide 021 (1).jpg

The high peak pole tent gives your event the same dramatic peaks as the twin pole but on a smaller scale. Showing off the same impressive look but for the smaller groups.

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